Wim Delvoye par Enrico Lunghi

Wim Delvoye par Enrico Lunghi

Titre de livre: Wim Delvoye

Auteur: Enrico Lunghi

ISBN: 2757212346

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Enrico Lunghi avec Wim Delvoye

From the Inside Flap
Wim Delvoye (1965) is a fervant empiricist. His work is of a hybrid nature, a good example being Cloaca, the famous mechanical digestive apparatus that produces "artists' shit". He takes a shrewd pleasure in abolishing distinctions between beauty and ugliness and purity and impurity by mixing craftsmanship, technology, the scatological and the sacred.
Delvoye has created the metallic, gothic-inspired chapel with stained glass windows containing subversive imagery specially for Mudam. The artist makes reference to his own work in black, grey and coloured glass. Obscene gestures, kisses, human intestines and skeletons from Cloaca are x-rayed, thus gaining the status of pagan stained glass windows. His x-rayed pieces of meat unveil their atheist message thanks to the light that stained glass once rendered divine. The skulls, the bones and their by-products are grimacing, cynical modern Vanities.